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    Web designer needed in cheshire

    Hiy'all I need a local web designer to take over a project for me. a client of mine would like a 10 page website including a custom contact form (client would like the contact form to look like this ) The designer...
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    PRINT OFFERS for GDF Members only

    *bounces up and down* My cards have come and I'm in love with them!
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    How successful is Social Networking for you?

    I specialise in children's outdoor photography..... I prey on all the bored stay at home mums ;) It sounds impressive, but I suppose if you think about it like this..... I take on 4 shoots a month, 3 of which come from face book. A lot of them are recommendations through past clients - they...
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    PRINT OFFERS for GDF Members only

    My order is winging it's way to you now!
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    PRINT OFFERS for GDF Members only

    ooooOOOOOOOOoooooo! I might take advantage of this very generous offer!! I was only thinking the other day I need some business cards for my photography business - Although I am tempted to order some wonky, badly coloured, odd sized, card as thin as a piece of toilet roll business cards from...
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    How successful is Social Networking for you?

    I find it very useful for my photography business.... i would say 75% of my commissions come from facebook alone It's also very successful at wasting my time :D
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    What is the fascination with 3D buttons?

    I recently had a guy ask me to design a website for him..... he wanted every tacky photoshop effect under the sun...... needless to say, I gave everything up shortly after *rocks in the corner*
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    I would say it looks more like a babys first s**t!
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    Sad day today

    I know how you feel..... it's wierd. Last year my next door neighbours son was arrested for murdering his wife. Left me with a very odd feeling in my stomach. Especially having known him for years.
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    Government to enforce plain tobacco packaging?

    I think this is one of those cases where packaging doesn't matter. They could be in a completely white box, but people will still buy them.
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    Spec Work

    Pfft! What an "R" shole!
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    The Apprentice

    Ah!! You see I don't watch it.... pile of sh**e! Can't stand all the egotistical contestants and I think Alan Sugar is a bit of a nob too.
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    The Apprentice

    I like this quote! It's basically why I have bugger all in my portfolio! I'm too ashamed to put them up! Which I reckon is the same as who is designing for the apprentice. I wouldn't be suprised if all comms were done by email too....... so the designer cant be recognised!
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    Logo Crit Please. Thanks

    just remember who you are designing for.... not yourself and not for us... as long as it's what your client wants, then you have fulfilled your brief! :icon_smile:
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    Terms and Conditions!

    By accepting the quote, they are also accepting the t&c's (I send both together and reference them in the email to ensure they read them and know they will be accepting them if they reply to the quote) :icon_smile: