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    Add your Twitter name here....
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    Pasha - Logo Design Critique

    I would say either fashion or a restaurant
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    Help Me!!!

    Thats an awesome help man thanks. I know its the same on every page, limitation of the platform/theme im using. Thanks again man, i will get on that asap :)
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    New Myspace

    Its still in Beta stage so maybe that is why, might be adding support later for IE. Gonna look into this though.
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    New Myspace

    well i didnt know that, that is a bit stupid to be fair. Is there any reason for that or is it just preference?
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    New Myspace

    Although they seem to be leaning towards music more they do have a category for creative and artists. The main reason i am there is because i do allot of work for bands and musicians in general, so i thought that it would make sense if i went to where all the bands are. It cant do any harm :) I...
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    New Myspace

    Hey Guys and gals, hope everyone is OK on this rainy and windy November morning. Just popping in to let you all know where are on the new Myspace!! If you have not heard about it then take a look at the following link: Justin Timberlake Gives First Look at New Myspace | Music News | Rolling...
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    Xmas Slowdown?

    I didnt know there was a busy time let alone a slow time lol. If anyone needs to offload some work, im here :)
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    Need to vent....

    Cleaver bit of spam that lol
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    Print Carrier = Problems!

    Wow! really? i have used them twice for my business cards (spot UV) and i cant fault them, especially for the prices. I have heard moo is getting a bit bad on thier quality.
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    Google Pagerank Update Today

    yeah, mine has jumped from 0 to a 2 today, so thats good
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    Help Me!!!

    yeah, im not listing too well for Keywords, need to work on that. I did come 5th in the search for "Liverpool Based Graphic Designer"
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    Help Me!!!

    cool, i will do. I think im doing something a bit better as i have gone from a 0/10 page rank to a 2/10 today lol
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    Help Me!!!

    i have but only recently, thought you where supposed to let them find you. I am listed if i search for my url just nothing else lol
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    Help Me!!!

    Hey guys, So i need help! I have my site hosted on Tumblr with a custom domain. My problem is that i am getting absolutly no traffic from google. When i search for my site using keywords, i find nothing. Even searching for my business name gets loads of references to my site, but not the site...