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    Another Graphic Design Graduate

    It is depressing. I don't intend to work for anyone else anyway, but even freelancing can be hard, and it's quite a sad situation when you've spent so much on training/education. Tbh, if I was faced with the new £9k per year fees, I would have studied something else altogether and pursued...
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    Another Graphic Design Graduate

    Some random guy documents his experiences of being a design graduate trying to begin his career, being broke, the cycle of unpaid internships, etc, etc. Another Graphic Design Graduate
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    Logo contest, $150 to the winner

    Cheek. SO fed up of peoples attitude to designers. I could never go into a shop and ask if I could take out a few items, muse over them for a while and them bring them back with payment for the one I prefer! "I'm going to pay for the one I decide to use" who pays the ones who have spent...
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    Signs you're a bad designer

    13 Signs You're A Bad Graphic Designer | JUST
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    client: "design my own business card if I send it to you" me "erm..."

    Ahhhh...Good old Microsoft Publisher! I remember in a previous job when I was asked to be responsible for all the marketing materials and they incorporated design into my job role, but wouldn't get any sort of appropriate software. I was expected to 'make do' with the Microsoft Office suite to...
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    Visual Communications degree via distance learning

    Just found these courses, which may or may not be of interest to someone who is looking for a flexible course in the arts/graphics/visual communication...I believe it is accredited by the University of the Creative Arts. It's also a lot cheaper than IDI, another distance learning provider of...
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    Web designers using free online builders to make client sites

    It's actually really common. I've got myself into this strange habit of checking the 'source code' just so I can see the generator...and if you just google random web designers, a few of these online builders will come up...Also, if you go onto moonfruits site, or it's facebook page (and wix...
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    Web designers using free online builders to make client sites

    Hi, no I mean they use the free online website builders, and then use these to offer their services as website developers...So yes some use the same templates, others tweak and customise a little, and some design them from scratch. I guess it would be similar to using Dreamweaver/Kompozer in...
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    Web designers using free online builders to make client sites

    Not sure if I've posted anything similar before, I may have done. I noticed it before, but it seems VERY common now. Graphic/website designers all over the place who use free online builders like wix, moonfruit and yola, to create sites for their clients and offering it as a service. In fact...
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    Don't work for free!!

    He does. I think the contracts for family/friends could be a bit much, but then again, they can be the worst ever! The amount of stuff they try and get for free is ridiculous and it's very hard to say no.
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    Don't work for free!!

    Don't work for free!! Graphic Designer Tip #2 - Stop Doing Work For Free - YouTube
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    Change of Career - Graphic Design Courses?

    I think you can learn it in that time, as these students do. One a 'proper' degree course, once you've taken away the bullcr9p waffle and padding, and condense the hours down into full time days, I'd say it amounts to pretty much the same. As much as I like to support designers, they can get a...
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    Creative Suite News

    Seems like everyone will be going cloud at some point as they're discontinuing the CS, and going CC...Lovely how we're being given a choice of OWNING a version. Not. I'm really against the monthly subscription. Once I get hold of CS6, I'll be hanging onto it for YEARS lol...
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    Newbie, can anyone help

    To learn, you could try Inkscape (Vector), GIMP (Photo-editing), Scribus (Page layout), which are free open source software which would be good to learn on just to see if graphic design is for you. If you find it is, and you have the funds, you could buy the Adobe creative suite (also available...
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    What subjects should I take to be a graphic designer?

    Cool. You can never go wrong if you have Maths & Physics in there...along with your creative side, the worlds your oyster sir. Good luck!