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    Please, review this site

    Hi, I ask you for a feedback about website: What do you think work fine? What would you change? Why?
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    Mobile Display on Desktop

    In Chrome, Firefox and Firefox Mobile is a responsive layout that varies depending on width. The measurement of webpage width (window.innerWidth) in Firefox 22 and later is different than in earlier versions because it is adjusted based on the zoom level, as part of Firefox's becoming a...
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    How to pick complimentary colours for logos in 3 steps

    I always use palette of colour from adobe color wheel You can find interesting you colour or use explore tab and use made one.
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    10 SEO Tips, Tricks & Myths

    Nowadays content is the King. You make research of searched keywords, you write the best article in your niche, get some backlinks and enjoy extra traffic on your website. The recipe seems to be very easy but it's not. You should start with choosing the right tools :)
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    How your website gets penalised??

    There could be a lot of reasons why your website was penalised. At present google rather penalise just a single page instead of all domain which is good. The most common reasons why your website can be penalised are bad backlinks (penguin) or violation with content (panda).