Please, review this site


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I was put off by the cookie consent top par, the data collection footer popup and the chatbot thing bottom right. All this before I've even got to the site.

You are using a bunch of hero images on a slider - umpteen tests have shown these aren't effective. Especially as all your content is focused on your and not about how you can help me.

You have an 'estimate project' button which only makes sense if I know what I want. Most people won't have a clue what 'Front end' and 'Back end' means.

Once off the homepage the menu disappears.

On the contact page there is no contact telephone/skype, no email or contact form.

You seem to be very good at what you do but the site doesn't seem to be a lead generator. If it's just a corporate portal for those who understand the technology that's fine. But if I needed a product I'd very very confused about how you could help me.


mate its better than i could ever do it just seems abit confusing, like sounds silly but i didnt even realise you could scroll down on the first page, that picture on the front of the page sorta makes it look like 1 page, if ye get me? i like the colour scheme tho.