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    Graphic Design by Distance Learning

    Hi I think I require graphic design training to improve my skills, where in the uk provides this by distance learning.
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    Confidence Issues

    he probably uses tables (a GCSE requirement) for laying out his pages
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    I'm Comic Sans, Asshole

    having just dropped out of a PGCE I can confirm Comic Sans is endemic in education :icon_smile: Teachers seem to love it The fonty my students liked a LOT was Annie BTN font family « MyFonts
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    Designing a hierarchical grid

    likewise :) I'm trying to get some graphic design know-how to add a bit of pizazz to my work which is rather mundane/meh for want of a better word :icon_dunno:
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    Designing a hierarchical grid

    960 Grid System if you look at the at the horizontal lines in the spring valley example they are not at regular intevals not 50,100,150 px thats what i'd call a hierarchical horizontal grid
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    Designing a hierarchical grid

    np at all Corrosive, thanks for helping anyway hanging lines is the posh way of saying horizontal lines on the grid simple as that :icon_smile: thanks for your help its appreciated :)
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    Designing a hierarchical grid

    Thanks Corrosive that doesnt teach me how to calculate where to place hanging lines within my grid :( thats the bit i'm struggling to figure plus how to use the golden section
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    Learning Photoshop And InDesign

    Software for students offer Photoshop at a reasonable rate Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student Software UK Download | the adobe classroom in a book range are pretty good :) other than that practise and lots of it :icon_smile:
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    Designing a hierarchical grid

    hi, I'm new to graphic design and I'm trying to figure out how to calculate an attractive heirachical grid for laying out a new website? any pointers appreciated :icon_smile:
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    How on earth do they do these fonts?

    how widely supported is @font-face? ie. which browsers support it?
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    CSS Grid Frameworks

    The 960 Grid System Made Easy is the best article I've found explaining how to use grids :icon_smile: