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  • Reply to Creative 82 looking for advice.

    Hi Creative 82,

    Let us take it in stages.

    1. Logo design

    This is the basis of all ongoing identity work, so this will be the most important aspect of the project. I would therefore split the project this way, suggest you produce some rough logo ideas, maybe 8-10.

    Once this stage is completed, you are armed with an agreed base. You can then apply the logo
    onto the various items required.

    2, Stationery

    Now you have a logo (agreed) you can supply a few layouts of items required, taking into account
    how they are to be used…how invoices etc are composed, Comp slips (do they use them as short notes, so leave space etc)


    You don't mention what kind of packaging, if it is for biscuits or toasters? Just give a couple of
    variations, consider what they look like on shelf (if indeed on shelf) or where displayed, will they
    need bar coding (get the client to supply).

    If you are completing Design and finished artwork ready for production, be ready for client changes,
    so make sure that you explain that all changes other than initially agreed will be charged extra.

    Check and re check all spelling, files and colours (CYMK and RGB) depending on production.
    Get the client to check all and sign off final files (an actual signature).

    Web pages.

    Simple style pages unless you are producing the site? But if not, think about usage.

    BUT. The most important thing is payment. Get your payment terms upfront, it will save any
    mis understandings or mischief on the clients side. This is a business you are in.

    I would go in at £1,500 for the initial project, paid in 3 stages.

    a) Logo and stationery, 50% upfront (£250) and final payment on hand over of final artwork files.

    b) Packaging (as above)

    c) Web (as above)

    This will manage your time, and will afford you an ongoing income over the project (as a newbie),
    if hitting any snags, speak to friendly printers/designers, they will help I am sure.

    I would recommend not handling print, buying print, buying photography at this stage, if you need images, suggest a photographer or Image library (iStock is cheap). Buying is a risky business
    and can end up costing at this stage.

    Hope this helps, I am sure others may suggest similar.

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