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    Running two ecommerce websites.

    Hi, Does running two different ecommerce websites on the same IP effect each others SEO? How would you recommend keeping both sites as separate as possible so that each site doesn't interfere with each site. Thanks!
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    Need to improve shopify store seo

    Hi there, I have just recently set up a store on shopify, it can be viewed at Wallboss | Welcome Now I would like to improve the Seo, If you can do this please let me know, I have also noticed that a description isnt showing up under the link when searched in google. Thanks Chris
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    Shopify background fixed?

    Hi there, I have uploaded a picture as the background for my shopify theme, however if i make my browser window smaller the background stays the same size and doesnt resize with the window. Any help would be appreciated. Chris
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    Website developer wanted for online shop.

    Hi there, I am looking to open an online shop. I think I will use Shopify as the platform. As I am a graphic designer myself I will provide a rough design/proof of what I want to the website to look like but I will let you the developer do your magic. I will also provide some examples of...
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    Looking for a solvent printer to sub work to!

    Hi there, I am going to be looking at subbing my print work out to a printer on a weekly basis, preffably solvent/eco solvent. Please get in contact! Chris.
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    Printer advice for printing vinyl.

    My mistake, I would be looking at printing onto the vinyl and then laminating it, overall thickness about 3mm. So really I would be printing onto a thinner vinyl and then laminating it. Would have to be durable and pretty strong at sticking to the surface. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Printer advice for printing vinyl.

    Hi there, I am wanting to print mx graphics. What printers would you recommend for printing onto vinyl approx 3mm thick, then cutting the template/shape out and laminating it? The cheapest options would be ideal as funds are limited at the moment. Thanks!
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    HartleyWillprint BAD SERVICE!!!!!

    Hi Dominic, Thanks for your reply, I understand that Hartley Willprint went into liquidation as the cheque that I was issued for the sample costs bounched back, Jones and Giles have sent me out some paper work regarding the liquidation and a part that I can fill in to receive some of the...
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    PSD file... should I keep, hold or give it away?

    Surely they can still edit it via the PDF? Or have you preserved the edit capabilities?
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    Which icon do you guys prefer?

    For news related, I would pick number 4. Number 7 is nice though!
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    Any tips for producing my graphics design portfolio?

    As said above, Also if you have some spare time maybe try some different medium/materials just to show some skill and creativity, I always like to see a portfolio with a bit of different thinking. For example one of my projects back in college i drew an apple that had a piece missing, I then...
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    Build a house...If i like it I will pay...Client..

    Yeah agreed. They will probably get what they want which is something that looks cool to them but will it have any thought put into it, any research etc.. especially being a new brand, and if they want the brand to be strong, something that they can keep building on and last then working with...
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    Build a house...If i like it I will pay...Client..

    I have recently been in touch with a client that needs a new logo for their brand. One of the discussions was that they willl only be paying the designer that produces a logo that they choose as they hadn't budgeted for a logo in the first place as a friends who's a graphic designer was meant...
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    keyboard stops working

    I had the keyboard with my Imac which is now out of warranty, I have now bought a new one, the wired option as I didnt fancy replacing the batteries all the time in the wireless one .:icon_cheers:
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    keyboard stops working

    I have an aluminium wired apple keyboard that stops working, however it works for a little while once it's been heated, any ideas? Thanks