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    Cartoonist Illustrator Services Website review please

    k, I have made a number of changes based on above good advice with exception of switching comic sans font...I personally don't buy into its bad repuutation :) but that's a personal thing. I knew though my use of it would attract condemnation :)
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    Cartoonist Illustrator Services Website review please

    OMG chaps...OMG.... :) Back to the drawing board...meanwhile I am the only one working on this I shall have another go... Thank you for taking the time to review it and sorry I hurt your eyes....please don't sue ;)
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    Cartoonist Illustrator Services Website review please

    Hello I have been (once again) updating my images...etc. etc. please let me know if it's user friendly and the colours are fitting ..bearing in mind I offer cartoonist Illustrator services. Many thanks Leah ps. re the technical side of things, tags etc. I...
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    logo with cartoon picture

    Hi, please email the details via contact form on my website I can help you.
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    Still life photographer in need of a logo

    If this is anything I can assist with let me know. I do a variety of illustrative logo design projects (not just cartoon).
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    Working Speculatively

    Expecting the entire world to refuse to work 'on spec' is a bit like expecting the entire world to become vegetarian. Whether we agree or don't agree with it, it's just never going to happen. I personally think it's a proper cheek to ask anyone to compete for work in this manner. Imagine asking...
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    Major website, samples & banner overhaul

    Yep, I will look into that red/black thing. And yes I was into the red and black in the 80's along with the big hair:) Meanwhile re contact, I do speak to clients on the phone (most are out of my area so meeting is never a consideration for them in anycase). I don't highlight my number...
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    Logo Design Wanted Please - Swap or Cash available

    My terms in this regard are thus: "10 day Money Back Guarantee –This guarantee applies to the draft review process only. Once a design has been accepted, paid for and all relevant finished image files have been forwarded to you there can be no refunds. However during the 10 day review period...
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    Major website, samples & banner overhaul

    I've given my custom cartoon and design website a major overhaul. New layout, new colours, new logo, new samples... I'd be grateful for feedback. (ps. for those who reviewed the last cartoon logo I created for myself, you will note that isn't present ;) )
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    Artist/Animator needed for mock iPhone game project - Paid

    Hi there, Have you found anyone for this yet? If not, let me have the details and budget and I may be able to assist.
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    Paid logo work

    Hi, I'm interested, I create various logos not just cartoon/illustrative ones.
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    eBook cover design... anyone?

    You can do this free too on the Internet...I will try and find the link. I created a book /image for an icon on my cartoonist forum, it's here
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    Don't suppose anyone wants to design me a logo?

    Hi, I've done a couple of logos/design for music producers, so would enjoy this challenge.
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    Logo Designer wanted

    I wonder if he sorted it?
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    New logo design for a window cleaner

    There are a LOT of businesses which wish to appeal to their client base with a friendly 'fun' image. The pet industry - massive The child industry - massive The food industry - massiverrrrrrrrrr - you never seen all the food advertising with the fun logos and characters? Even IT geeks have...