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    Freelancing - Where do you start

    Hey Lewis, One thing I've found when it comes to portfolios is that is great to see finished pieces, but when I'm looking for people to join our team I really want to see the process they took to get there. A lot of people try and cram in loads of work into a few pages, but I'd rather see 10...
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    Sketch, an awesome alternative for new upcoming designers

    Hey all, As my first post back on here in a few years I thought I'd share some of my latest research on tools. Some of you may already have started working with this, but Sketch is a phenomenal tool for anybody designing for web or mobile. Started looking in to it around 4 months ago...
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    New Logo help!!

    ah a nice contrast to pen and pencil, crayons, i'll have to remember that next time. I like it, but because of the flat top of the J perhaps keep the outer shape flat there too to run along smooth, for me i'd go for a Supermanesque feel by putting a triangle around it, but alternately a square...
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    Hi DF :)

    I like hte Godzilla one, everything looks great except the fire, it's too "clip art" and flat where as the rest of the image has a good amount of depth and detail.
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    2 Personal Identities, which is better?

    Personally neither are great in my opinion. In the first the two letters overlap too much resulting in an unclear use of the letters, think of the logo at 1/4 the size, would it be recognisable? With the second logo it looks like you're trying to convey a meaning to it but for me I cant see what...
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    Personal Logo Idea

    to me the image doesnt represent the font used. The font used is good and I like the cartoony style there but the crown image is too flat. Rough it up a bit so it matches the font. Also the upper triangle seems far to far for the rest of the image, I'd bring it down to about half way in between
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    ah yes like a tweedle dum to a tweedle dee you want to grab the bull by the horns and tweet like a birdie.... ye not following :S
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    model makers design gallery

    Hi there, I'm afraid you're not likely to get any feedback until you introduce yourself in the introduction section and participate in other threads first.
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    Photography Website Feedback

    for me it's too web 2.0. For a professional photographer you should be looking at a sleek style, stripped back with not so many effects. I like it but at the same time it doesn't fit the purpose.
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    Tips for my GUIs

    well in any form publishing it would be illegal but in terms of a project keeping with modern technology is far more impressive that designing for old monitors on windows.
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    Tips for my GUIs

    all good stuff, glad we could help. With that customization screen I would increase the opacity of the unseleted items but other than that it looks good. One thing also, why are you designing it for the PC? why not the iPad as that is a more popular choice these days
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    Tips for my GUIs

    Good point Jim and also my dear friends you are wrong on the font, it's all about the "a", that there font is Futura I'll have you know.... **curls his mustache** mwahaha But yes Gill sans is rather nice, just not as nice as Futura! :p
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    Tips for my GUIs

    Ah Pokemon, takes me back to the days of chasing a kid around the playground who got the first Alakazam in school to trade, those were the days. Really like the designs, but here's a few things I personally would change: 1) The item wheel isn't exactly quick as it looks as though you have to...
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    header image size

    glad you sorted it
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    The Avengers Poster

    personally I'm not too keen on the x-men one, firstly because I'm an enormous x-men fan so can be a tough critique, but also because I'm a perfectionist and those x-men need feet! lol