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    Logo help

    hey, i agree the logo looks great! and a really good website. However i can see that the logo is pretty bad quality, you can see the jpegging if you look closely at the screen. looks like you have either blown it up too big or saved it at too low a quality. id be happy to sort it for you if yu...
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    Any help is some help...

    hi there, go and buy the book "how to be a graphic designer without losing your soul" by Stefan Sagmeister it contains loads of stuff that they dont teach you at uni and is a great book. you can even preview a lot of it on google books... How to be a graphic designer ... - Google Book...
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    how to create a digital brochure mockup?

    that would be great, thanks!
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    how to create a digital brochure mockup?

    hi there, i am working on an updated portfolio at the moment and want to give some of my 2d printed work a bit of a 3d kick without the costs of hiring a photographer. does anyone know of any tutorials to produce decent 3d mockups? ideally one for a 2 fold a4 brochure, but also business...