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    GCSE/Commision Work

    Thanks :) Ive almost finished the second one :) and il post that, thanks SparkCreative, im glad you pointed out the grammar mistakes! Im pretty crap with that sort of thing, and yes, im gonna change the "designed by" bit at the bottom :) Thankyou!
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    DCP Web Designers - Site feedback Please

    This si good, but i think the logos on the bottom drag onto the bottom a bit too much, mayeb you could put them next to eachother rather than underneath under eachother, and im not too keen on the grandient at the top, but apart from that its really slick.
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    GCSE/Commision Work

    Very blunt, lol, which bits do you think are hard to read?
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    GCSE/Commision Work

    Thanks man! I knew NOTHING about the bleed thing, much apprecaited :)
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    This is kind of confusing...but if your looking for other tutorial sites then i would strongly suggest PSD Tuts +. Hope this helps :)
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    GCSE/Commision Work

    Hi people :icon_biggrin: Im 15 years old and taking graphic design for GCSE, and the breif was to design a flyer or poster, no bigger than A4 for a music event of your choice, around the same time, I got asked via youtube to make a poster for a channel called "GrimeWatchUk" which is basically...
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    club promotions posters

    I like these from what i can see, maybe you could upload the original sized image to tinypic and post a link for the different images?
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    Avatar Project

    WOW! The eyes are stunning!
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    OOOOoooh do me do me!

    Your work looks really cool, and to be honest the nothing really to fualt in it, but as otheres have pointed out, the website isnt really up to the standards of the other work, I feel it slightly lacks foundation, and all the elements are sort of loose and out of place? Hope this helps :)
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    Rudest font ever? - 'The Effing Typeface'

    Haha, this is really original :) have you put it up for download anywhere?