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    Responsive websites testing

    Hi everyone , I'm a web developer, and I've often found myself wasting too much time checking if a responsive website displays properly on all screen sizes. I feel we have lots of powerful and advanced applications to design and code websites, but there are very few tools to test and debug the...
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    Iris - Color palettes editor

    Iris 1.1 has been released, now also for Windows! Other changes: - A completely redesigned app UI! New style, new colors, new icons, everything has been improved. - Mix colors in LAB and HCL spaces. - Restore tools at startup. - Set palettes names. - Convert colors to RGB and HSV triplets...
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    Iris - Color palettes editor

    I think Adobe Capture CC and Iris have different features for different uses. Also, Iris is a desktop application while Capture is a mobile app.
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    Iris - Color palettes editor

    Hi everyone, I am the developer of a new desktop app called "Iris - Color palettes editor". I'm writing here to ask if there could be someone interested in trying the app and give me some feedback on it (bad or good). I believe this application could be very useful for graphic designers in...