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Hi everyone ,

I'm a web developer, and I've often found myself wasting too much time checking if a responsive website displays properly on all screen sizes.

I feel we have lots of powerful and advanced applications to design and code websites, but there are very few tools to test and debug the behavior of responsive web pages.

I guess many of you have found themselves in my shoes before.

To overcome this problem and make our work easier, I've created slashB, an application that provides a workspace where you can instantly preview a website across multiple screen sizes.
It also features built-in developer tools, extensions, live reloading, full-page screenshots, and more.

(If you'd like to read more about it, check this article on my blog)

I'd love to have your feedback on my new app.

You can download slashB on its website.

I am also interested in knowing: what is your N.1 problem when testing or developing websites?

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I use a variety of online tools to test websites.

And there is the chrome extension:

And it's part of the Firefox developer tools:

I've tried your tool and it's pretty good. But I'd rather have an online version so clients can view projects on their own device.
That app basically looks like you're charging $19 for the built in webtools on firefox (and other browsers)... seems like a complete waste of money imo.

edit: and looks like it's just another post from the OP about another product they are linked with... so link removed.