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Your favorite illustrators

Doing a college project at the moment which involves quite a lot of illustration and I am at a bit of a loss as to who to look at. I'm curious as to what your favorite illustrators are and why, particularly illustrators that work with narrative. Graphic novels, children's books, stuff like that.

i've been studying a few illustrators for my own development at the moment and have found that for comics (my preference being realistic / manga) Masayuki Taguchi really stands out with his illustrations in Battle Royale, some outstanding artwork in there, and seriously worth the read!

With fantasy I am currently studying John Howe. He has created artwork a lot of things including Lord of the Rings. Another is Stephen Crisp, he doesn't live to far from me and I had the chance to compete against him (was never going to win but hey), his work is really quite flawless, his paintings really don't look like paintings.


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I put this in another thread "illustration books" but as this guy is my favourite illustrator/artist I thought I'd put it here too.
Reg Mombassa doesn't really have such a good online presence so I thought I'd put up the cover of my favourite book of which he did the cover.