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You little horror!


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Thats cool as hell. I liked how make-up was used just to give the escaped maniac's face wrinkles a more graphic look. Also loving how all the blood and gore and horror finishes on the page with the little lass grinning and blatantly having a great laugh! Odd. :)


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Nice post Tom, some amazing work by that photographer, showed the above to my work mate, hes now trying to get prints. weird-o!


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đя.иΞT;65452 said:
okay ... O.O
^_^ ... i think his photography is cool .. and creepy .. i wonder where does he find a dummy to cut her neck and make it spill blood ... his amazing
TY 4 the post ^_^
It's a real person... hanging there.
Then they poor blood and photoshop it for the affect