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Yanko Design vs JML - Who's better? Discuss


So my course mates and I are all having a huge debate in class over Yanko Design and JML and it's doing my head in.

What do you all think?

Personally I think JML have the biggest range of pointless and poorly advertised products out there. They have a few decent items, but it's just not enough to make up for the rest.



Staff member
yanko design - in my view its a place that sells 'designer' goods by people you've never heard of at ludicrous prices or by people you have heard of at more expensive prices.... in otherwords it's a place that want's to be designer but no self respecting 'designer' will realistically use it.

It also seems to have a lot of 'graduate' designs for sale, I saw 2, one is the cloud seat and the other is the bookcase chair and they're selling at $950 and $750, neither of them look comfy from an ergonomic standpoint. Then there's the 'bag' (setgo transport urban bag) which is basically a 5inch wide strip with a few pockets which wraps over one shoulder, not only will it hold pretty much nothing except your ipod/mobile phone it costs $75 and it looks stupid!

Will admit I like the black/white cards on there at $16 per pack, probably as I've got a think for gloss on matt designs, but they're just not practical in the real world.

The blog is ok but not something I'd regularly look at.

JML - shopping channel type goods. Now don't get me wrong they do occasionally have some good ideas but they usually just seem cheap.