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The circle of dots make me think something is loading but it's not, some people might think the sites broken and leave. I would change that.

Also the video section says missing plugin, I'm not sure if that's because I'm at work so security software is blocking it.


Staff member
well the video is there, it's just in a format that 90% of the design industry that he's targeting wouldn't have - its in a wmv9 format which is a windows only codec. Mac's might be able to play it with flip4mac


Junior Member
I love how the site has personality. Should change the styling of the (footer) links and nav links - the gradient buttons look a bit like outdated webdesign tech to me. Also would be nice if your logo header was clickable, linking to the homepage.

Tom Sound

Active Member
I quite like the simplicity of the site Tim. The videos played for me on a mac, but I'm not sure that's a good thing. The drink driving video is quite horrific, that poor woman being wiped out like that, terrible stuff, displayed with much passion and realism, scenes that will stay with me for ever.