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My name is Sam Hall,

I am currently completing my Art foundation course before going to university.

I am in the process of completing my final major project and I have created a website called Grass Routes. Its all about user interaction and gathering user generated content. I felt that by taking the theme of journeys and travel I would be selecting something fairly universal to all. The journey no matter how small or big will be relevant to someone in some way, whether the journey be physical or mental it is still important. I am trying to generate a lot of interest in the site, in order to get people submitting arrow images, videos and discussing these journey taken.

I have spoken to contacts in places as far afield as Korea and Brazil, the place becomes irelevant and the journey is central, being a part of this community is central.

Would be really cool if you'd check the site out, add comments on the right hand side of the 'Grass-media' page about journey's you've taken etc.

Would also be really good if you could print off the stencil on the 'Your-routes' page and take some photos of journeys and travel related to you, there are some up already but its still very early days.

If all images/ video could be sent to grassroutes@live.com would be really helpful for my project and I also feel it would be interesting to see original and unique approaches to the stencil and how to use it.

Obviously because of the deadlines of the project time is fairly tight, but this is definitley something i'm excitied to continue after college and for as long as there is interest so help would be great!

Thanks for your time,


I don't know where you have your webserver, but it is the slowest loading site i've seen in a long time... sorry I gave up after 5 minutes of the loading... in white in the top right hand corner...


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It took me a good fifteen seconds to load up, and then I found out why—it's all in Flash!!! This did not ought to be done with Flash at all.


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ive never really worked with websites before so its a learning process, its more the concept and getting involved that i wanted feedback on?

would be cool to get some images or accounts of your journeys?


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You moaners need to stop using dial up! Loaded for me in seconds.

The fact it is in flash is odd though - whats your justification?

There are loads of tutorials ALL over the net about site design etc. PSDTuts.com is a good one for general techniques...the list goes on though.

It's a massive learning curve, you'll hopefully see your work improve rapidly over a short time.

Good luck with it.


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Not sure if sam203 wants to be a web designer (sorry if I'm wrong), he's looking for creative input into the concept behind the site, not necessarily the design of the site itself.


loaded alot faster this time :)

looks like it was made in flex :) which is clever from that point of view :)


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yeah i'm going on to study graphic design next year. havent had much experience with web design so not really my specialist area atm, more the concept that i'm working on....

would be really good if some of you could add comments to the site giving accounts of your journeys? or get involved taking photos and sending them to grassroutes@live.com?

its my college project so if im honest looking for some user generated content to display in the final major show.. would be really cool to get some of your innovative approaches to the photographs through the arrow?

would be a MASSSIVE help thanks


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I dont entirely get the concept. I cant see why you would want to frame something in an arrow? It doesnt make a lot of sense to me?? Am I just being an idiot??


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the idea is that everyone's individual, unique experiences of travel are brought together through a universal symbol. I wanted this symbol to be simple both in terms of individual comprehension and in terms of creating the template.

The whole idea of the website is user generated content, now as i have seen from comments from peers, the printing off of the arrow and using it as a physical template is a lot of effort for something which can easily be added digitally.

So now I am just requesting interesting photos of your areas? methods of transport you use? things you encounter on your journeys, whether these be daily, regular journeys or one off, memorable ones the concept remains the same.

Its all about the individual and what that person encounters/ thinks/ feels. In addition to the photographs, as i understand you will all have your own work and might not have enough time to get out there taking photographs, you could send existing photographs you have or even just write a brief account of a journey you take/ have taken in the comment box on the home page.

This is for my current final major project which has an impending deadline lol and I am attempting to generate as much content as possible, so it would be very very very appeciated.......

the website is:

Grass Routes

an email addess you can send images to/ contact me on is:


would be very very very much appreciated!


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the last two comments said they don't understand the arrow? so i was just explaining it...

how can't anyone help me?

have you been on a journey? then its not hard to write a paragraph about it as a comment on the site...

fair enough if you havent got time/ don't want to help, im not forcing you too...

but other people may want to help?

everyone can help,even with the images, it could be images of your last holiday or something like that....


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but nobody applied to an almost identical post before.

If nobody replies to your initial post about helping you out, don't post again.


the line "flogging a dead horse" comes to mind..

Did anyone actually mention the arrow thing Timbo?


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yeah yeah, they did :)

I dont entirely get the concept. I cant see why you would want to frame something in an arrow? It doesnt make a lot of sense to me?? Am I just being an idiot??
That was Jack

Loaded fine for me too...I also dont see the idea of the arrow tho...
Oops, shut the window down, can't remember who said that.

But tbh he answered the question then spammed his post...


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sam203 said:
simple in terms of individual comprehension
I still dont get it. You can barely see the image through the arrow. What would make more sense to me, is if they cut out an arrow, and pointed it at the photo subject. Rather than looking through a thin arrow. But even that seems weird to me. Why not just take a picture...with a camera...and nothing else? I dont really see what significance it has.

sam203 said:
Ok just thought might be able to get some help with a this project,
no worries.
Hi Sam,

I don't think people don't want to help you (we're quite a helpful bunch actually). But I think people are just quite confused about the whole thing. You posted this in the feedback and critique section so I believe that people got the perception that you wanted some criticism and feedback on the concept itself (which I don't like to be honest. I don't think the arrow works. And if I was to submit my photos to the site I'd prefer if I could just upload my photo as normal instead of having it behind an arrow).

It seems to me like you've already decided on the concept and just want people here to submit some photos and stories. So I'd suggest trying a travel forum instead as you'll probably get more response there.

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