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Discussion in 'Website Design Critique:' started by nikoloz, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. nikoloz

    nikoloz Member

    Dear Designers,

    I need your critique, most importantly not just critique but advice, and some nice healthy comments.
    I'm developing this online survey, as a major project research in colours and emotions.
    Later i'm planing to visualise in information design, whole collected information, data- from this website.

    Colour emotions

    As you are designers guys, its is important for me - what you would think, and what you want to see after this survey?
    what kinds of data is more important for visualising,f or designers?
    so, designers are the audience for this project, and if i know what you think, i could possibly have better chances of making it more useful.

    maybe to see the relationship between emotions and colours, but not just primary coloures, but all coloures with its 7 different shades. or maybe to see just genders and their comparison? or ...

  2. Minuteman Press

    Minuteman Press Moderator

    Survey completed.

    A publication (of which several already exist as you know from your lit. review) which could be used for colour suggestions in client discussions (and preparation for). Several results are highly predictable (as the results show) - but all add value to provide a more detailed study.

    The number of criteria are few and to really add value would require a far more detailed (but time consuming) study. Although the data collection method is likely to be more accurate vs methodology previously published.

    Love to see the results.

    Best wishes

  3. nikoloz

    nikoloz Member

    Sample for results

    Here is the image located ont his address for one of the really good options of visualising this information for each emotion.

    Feedback would be good.

  4. linziloop

    linziloop Member

    Very interesting to see the results at the end, i took part myself, the design was also very nice and clean :D
  5. I4Visual

    I4Visual Member

    Hello Nikoloz
    I took the survey, I actually found it really interesting, I found that I matched most of the mor epopular colours that others had chosen, which didn't surprise me as much as I thought really.

    I think there could be two things on show here

    Either it shows how diverse the world is, with so many people having different ideas of different emotions
    It's the result of random clicking from people who are unsure, in a rush and don't wish to put thought into it.

    A nice concept though. thanks for sharing
  6. SparkCreative

    SparkCreative Member

    Really like the design of the survey.

    It's interesting how the top half in popularity of most of the categories are pretty consistent. The ones that aren't are the ones that just make you go 'huh'? Like 'Interest'. I wasn't really sure what that one meant, and I certainly don't have a colour perception for it.

    Overall though, it's a nice idea.
  7. I4Visual

    I4Visual Member

    I totally agree with SparkCreative, It's hard to pick a colour for certain emotions, maybe what would be more considered sub-emotions? such as Slight Annoyance.
  8. nikoloz

    nikoloz Member

    Thanks for comments,

    Interest is an emotions, there is proposed total of 39 emotions by 15 different theorists.
    two of those theorists, Izard and Frijda in their theories of emotions, they consider interest as an emotion.
    it was hard to choose competitive list of emotions.
    as there is 5 basic emotions- anger, fear, joy, sadness, disgust on which most of the theorists agree, 4 of them negative emotions and only one positive, where i though that we designers would be more interested in positive emotions as well as on negatives, i had to make my own list of emotions.
    basically my combination is thought to be best collection for this kind of survey, and we could argue for years which one of those are emotions, and which sub emotions, everybody may feel differently as we do on colour emotions too.

    Thank you
  9. CotswoldD

    CotswoldD New Member

    very interesting, colour is an interesting element to a graphic or website design.

    Though one of my sites is coloured in sadness and fear!! lol

    Great site :) Works well and simple to use
  10. Logopro

    Logopro Member

    Thanks for sharing this with us :)

    great idea and a nice design to boot.

    What I would like to see added though is a 3 step breaking down of the charts at the end - where you can hover for the "slice" or click for the whole "pie" I would like to be able to see percentages :)

    I know you can guage it roughly but it would be nice to see definite results :)
  11. nikoloz

    nikoloz Member

    Thank you, its is very interesting and helpful to hear comments from other designers.
    As it is my major project research, now it needs bit development further, and it is exactly what i want to do, to show more information from survey.

    Can you please tell me, what do you mean by 3 step break down?
    I mean.... is not it interesting to see,
    for example red- how much of red has been associated with all emotions?
    so, if you will be able to see all given emotions, and red squares next to it in actual sizes, so you can see where was the bigest red brought in.

    or, would it be more interesting to compare males and females colour perception?
    funnily enough, now I can see that there is not much difference between cultures, so I though to cut at cultures for the next development step.

    Thank you
  12. nikoloz

    nikoloz Member


    Minuteman Press

    Hi guys again,
    Thank you all for your priceless comments, now project has moved on forward, and probably some of you will be really interested in this.
    please check it out again at Colour emotions and click - visualising results.

    Please if any suggestions, thoughts or ideas comment here. )


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