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Dear all,

Please welcome me on this new website for me, any my favorites list.
I have just registered, to share my own designs, comment on others, and take more advice from experienced people.

At the moment, i'm Developing the design and information design for the private college project.
which is Colour emotions

I just want you guys to fill it out, it wont take more than 2 minutes, and than just give me your feedback.
As you are designers guys, its is important your feedbacks, and what you want to see after this survey? what kinds of full data is important to see for you? so you can see the relationship between emotions and colours, but not just primary coloures, but all coloures with its 7 different shades.



Junior Member
Hi Nikoloz

I'm only a junior on here too

Excellent work! I did fill it out, interface is excellent. Also interesting to compare to others!