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would you use this?


Junior Member
hello everyone, we are new to this forum it looks like a great place for sharing info and opinions. We have been working on this brand new concept for designers and printers.

We would love to know what you think, is the concept clear? Would you use it? etc...
Check out looop.co.uk

Your feedback will be much appreciated.




welcome to the forum Nick.. we've already been shown looop before by another member recently. :)


Staff member
I'm not exactly sure what exactly you are trying to advertise on that site, it looks like a search engine/payment processing purely for printing work out, but its not very clear in my view.

Personally, if it is what I think it is, I can't see the point in that to be honest as I would guess that 90% of the designers on here have contacts in printing or go with companies that they have heard have good reviews etc.

iirc it was the op who posted about it before, one thread which went and screwed up so you couldn't reply and the other was in the outsourcing printing thread, I don't think they have come back other than to basically add another link to the looop site. I'll see if we get any response though before calling it as spam


Junior Member
Thanks for your comments guys.
(we're not spam)

Have you ever asked your printer if he can fit your job on another print run to save your costs? This is what looop is about. The site is a forum/search directory for designers and printers to come together, saving paper waste (and costs)