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Wot inkjet paper?

I need some half decent copier paper for my HP Deskjet inkjet printer. Something bright and smooth around 120gsm that holds ink well and doesn't bleed too much at higher dpi.

I will be getting stationery litho printed once the missus and I have moved house, until then I'll be running letters off on my desktop and I want the print (including a large logo) looking as good as possible.

Can anyone recommend any paper in particular?
Thanks Levi, obviously HP would be the sensible choice but I wondered if the paper really was of any quality.

I'd quite like something a bit 'premium' (not Conquerer!) to give a better impression.


Staff member
well to get the best print it's usually best to use own brand paper due to the coating they apply being designed for the ink they use.

We've had another thread on here somewhere where the print came out bad due to wrong paper choice etc.