Worst Wedding Photos Ever


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That is shocking!!

My friend is a wedding pianist, and she always says that I should start doing wedding photographs, now I have finally got my slr... but I wouldn't dream of providing photographs that bad, i'd be so scared to not capture the moment right. But looking at those, I could definitely do a better job!

He's probably one of those people who just buy an expensive camera and think they're a top photographer now!


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Ouch! They actually made me cringe! It looks like he's tried and failed to be all arty with his shots!

I used to do wedding videos and there's good money in it but there's also a lot of pressure. You can't exactly ask the bride to turn around and walk down the aisle again so you can get a better angle!


well hopefully our wedding photographer will do a good job :) ended up hiring one instead of relying on a mate of mine :lol:


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It has to be one of the hardest things to do in the whole photography game. I have spoken to several of my friends who do it and they had to learn the hard way, not necessarily taking bad photos, but being ill prepared.

The funniest/worst story I have heard was a friend who had all these wild ideas for shot ideas, he had scouted the location as well, so had found nice places to take photos and on the day it rained and not just rained, it RAINED!!! Then the family wern't behind his wild/fun ideas, so he had to rethink and everything on the spot.

He now has a checklist that he sends people, which include the style of photos they want from the day!

Group photos should be:


and so on.

Have you spoken to your photographer?


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I think that a good phtogrpher can always invent something even if the weather interferes, why not picture them catching the raindrops?


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These are shocking, I think that most wedding photography I've seen recently has been pretty sub standard. I think you get what you pay for usually.


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Just saw the link, oh mine i gotta say that is one of the worst dutch angle shot i have seen.

Well lesson learnt on this one. I rather pay to have 2 photographer covering my wedding than having had to go through my wedding again due to poor photography.

Just my 2 cents
I undertake a handful of weddings a year and they are by far the hardest commissions for me (I mainly do PR, event, editorial and press stuff, so well used to working with people).

Not a lot to add about the guy's work - absolutely shockingly bad.

Anyway below is one of my favourites from a recent wedding.

The first couple are funny and i would show the couple - the second two i would delete as the one with the hairy guy isn't funny to me and the last one has been set up by the photographer (taking the pi$$ in my mind)