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work experience

Hi there,

I've just finished university (doing a BA hons in Graphic Design) and am now currently looking for some work experience, and was just wondering if anyone has any advice? (Such as where to look/how to be prepared)

Thank you for your time



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Hi Rachael, I did quite a few placements after uni and I found it useful to start by searching for design studios or places I wanted to work using the internet. Then I either emailed or called each one (calling was much more successful!) in turn explaining that I was interested in a 2 week placement and could I pop in to show them my portfolio.
Most places where more than happy to let me visit and I ended up getting enough placements to keep me busy for 6 months in the end!
condominiums Pattaya


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Indeed, doing placements on the beginning is such a good way to enter the real world of graphic design. As far as i'm concerned, i'm french, and placements are not allowed before school. (you must be a student for doing a placement) i don't really know how is it going in England but it seems to be easier. Months ago i found a good placement for 6 months, but it was impossible to have an agreement....i just gave up.

Don't forget to work on your portfolio as well anyway, welcome in the industry ! :D
I would say get a website up, or at least have a PDF portfolio, and look for companies that you'd like to work at, and like Dave says, drop them a line or email, and shoot them across your CV and portfolio.
i am also looking for work as i have just finished my BA HONS IN PROMOTIONAL DESIGN.

its not to easy at the moment i am just trying to get people to take a look at my work.

have emailed some companies and also called no luck yet but i am still in good spirit