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Hi. I want to make a simple consultancy site, which will probably only have a few pages ( about, contact, news / blog ). I would like to use wordpress to build the site. Rather than use a pre designed template I would rather design the look / feel myself. Are there templates that allow you to start with a blank canvas enabling you to customise the fonts, colours and grid without learning any code? Essentially I want something that his widgets or similar to enable you to build your own. I know there are places like squarespace but I would like the use wordpress because of its SEO benefits. I hope someone can help advise further please. thanks

Paul Murray

Staff member
Salient allows you to use a page-builder to create layouts from within Wordpress admin. To do more advanced stuff you'll need to know some CSS to customise elements though, otherwise you'll end up with a pretty dull site.

Alternatively take the cost of your non-productive time faffing around yourself and consider hiring someone to just do it for you. It will probably be quicker and give you a better outcome.
Salient looks good thanks, but probably a little too complex for what I have in mind. Is there anything similar that has good customisation? I would love something that is more flat design, a similar style to google. thanks


Staff member
If you're looking at wordpress and want to go bespoke, your bare minimum code knowledge would be an advanced understanding of html and css then bsaic knowledge of the php functions for wp, wordpress file structures and finally jQuery.

Make looks really useful but having not tried it I can't offer any recomendations or judgements on it. I imagine it will be perfect for a simple site but there will probably be limitations which force you into the paid version looking for answers. That being said.. $99 isn't going to break the bank if you get what you need out of it.
@Mark2000 Probably too late now but I currently use a combination of the GeneratePress theme (free, but the premium version is cheap and top notch) and the Elementor page builder plugin. Does exactly what you want.

GeneratePress is a lightweight, well-coded 'frame', Elementor is a drag-n-drop page builder 'canvas'. You just have to set your pages to be 'full width' in GP's settings at the side of each of your pages.

I'm not affiliated with either of them.