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Wordpress website menu help needed please.

Hey guys

I'm making a website using Wordpress (Rocked theme) and SiteOrigin Page Builder.


It's supposed to be a one page website. I'm happy with most of what I've done so far, and have used the panel html (#panel ?-?-?-?) method to make sure that each link in the menu scrolls down to the corresponding section of the site.

But the main problem is, as much as I want the Menu to be a sticky one (so that it stays with me wherever I navigate around the site), it's covering some of each section when I scroll down to it.

Can anyone suggest the best solution for me to overcome this? I tried to find a sticky menu which goes on the bottom of the page but not having much luck.

Also if there are any other major problems with the site, be free to let me know.

Many thanks in advance.
If your problem is the titles of each section disappearing when scrolling try adding this to custom css

.panel-grid-cell .widget-title {
padding-top: 140px;

That will push the content down allowing the header to show. It's currently pushing the row to the top of the page but your nav is static. Only just had a quick look so may not work for all screen sizes
Actually I found the section. Added the CSS, it works but doesn't exactly move it the first time, but does so after that. Though I have a problem with the Contact section.