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Wordpress Themes??


New Member

Can anyone recommend the best places to look for well coded premium wordpress themes? I have heard of theme forest, but are there others worth checking out?

Also if I want to build a wordpress website without any coding knowledge, what is the best platform to use? I ideally want a drag and drop builder within wordpress if this exists.

Basically I am a front end designer, but I want to start building websites without learning code.

Any help would be much appreciated.




Staff member
I'm working on my own and I heard mention of a theme called "Make".
Not sure if it's drag and drop though.
The free version is a little limited but the premium looks incredibly flexible.
@ben5000 - You've probably long since got sorted now, but just to say... I've been helping a couple of graphic designer friends with just the same thing recently, finding a solid, well-coded Wordpress drag-n-drop theme that allows them full control over the design but without knowing any code. My background's in development, but these days there are some nice lightweight solutions that do the job very nicely for designers/non-coders.

I settled on a separate 'theme' and 'page builder'. The theme was GeneratePress (very well coded, lightweight, and free, but the premium version is still pretty cheap and is well worth it) and the free page builder plugin was Elementor. The latter is fairly new but already very promising - well-coded, lightweight and really easy to get the hang of.

If you set GeneratePress to full width pages, you can design whatever you like. Using the analogy of a picture, I liken the GeneratePress theme to the 'frame', and the Elementor page builder to the canvas. The combination satisfied my nerdy insistence on decent underlying code, page speed, etc. :)
WordPress is the best plateform for users with no programming language skills. You can just use Live Composer for designing your website. It is a drag and drop tool. You can easily add images and galleries, style your text and other elements, add new rows and create columns for your layouts . You can use themes and plugins to create your application but you will be able to create limited functionality without using the code. It is best to learn the basics of coding, if you want to create a unique application.