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Wordpress Theme

Hi All,

I am looking to do more Wordpress websites, so to add to my portfolio for this, I have created a Wordpress theme.

I am going to be selling this on themeforest, and see how I get on, as some extra income.

The theme can be seen at: Wordpress Test

Most of the pages are working, but there are still a few things I need to do, such as comments, add a center footer item, add a drop shadow for the slider.

Also I am doing this theme in a number of different colour schemes, so if you can suggest any? and I will do a colour scheme in that.

Please let me know your thoughts about the design mainly, as there are still a few tweaks needed in some browsers (best seen in firefox).
it's refering links to 'localhost', I assume you've been using XAMPP or something similar to test it, that might be causing the problem?


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I think you can do a lot better, I understand that its not complete, but the screen-shot makes me feel that there is a long way to go yet. .... I'm sure the finished job will be better.


I personally dont like the colour scheme, very dull, maybe add a simple design at the background?
limey green (I'm liking green at the moment). Coffee sort of brown hues, purple, red, orange, creams, greys, the ideas for colours schemes are endless. Maybe head over to somewhere like kuler and pick out a few colour swatch sets to base them on?

Overall I like the idea, although it feels like it's missing something that I can't quite pinpoint. Maybe it needs a post to be more prominent than the rest, otherwise it risks looking more like a gallery (unless thats the object).

The boxes at the top, seem a bit sparse. And maybe add a more stylised title in place of the WordpressTheme


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craigfarrall said:
Yes you are exactly right, I never really looked at that, that is something definately on my to do list.

Thanks for spotting that.
How can you not look at that?! stop designing themes and learn some BASIC design principles - im not even going to mention a colour wheel in fear of having to find an image of one...