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WordPress Theme with Members' Area and Forum

Hi all,

I am looking to do a simple website as a favour for a local group. I am want to buy a WordPress Theme that I can change that is able to host a Members' Area and Forum.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for capable themes?



Active Member
Hi Phil,

Don't think you'll be able to get this all under one theme (could be wrong). For the forum side of things you could look at a plugin such as bbPress, what do you need the members' area for? Downloads? Or just access to private pages?
Hi Greg,

I'm just looking at your link thanks. They haven't finalised what's to go in the members' area. It will probably be advice topics, members' profiles, file downloads, jobs and more. There will be some overlap with the forum so just trying to work the best place to put everything.

Thanks again,


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Might be a bit much for Wordpress to handle? I've certainly never done or seen anything with that functioanlity built on WP, separate elements yes, but altogether, no. Good luck finding something suitable Phil, let us know if you have any luck :)


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Might be a bit much for Wordpress to handle?
Nothings too much for wordpress is it?

I've looked at running an extensive members area based website on wordpress before for a project I'm working on (no spillage yet on what) and for this I looked at BuddyPress.

BuddyPress.org | Home

It's a plugin for Wordpress that creates many Facebook, community functions - profiles, status updates etc etc. Can be adapted to include various normal wordpress plugins and it has forum capabilities - could be just what your after?!