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Wordpress theme built for networking/promotion??


Senior Member
Hi people

Im quite new to wordpress and wondered if anyones knows of a theme that comes with these widgets I find like the facebook connect, subscribe to rss feed button etc, because i am trying to find a good blog template thats ready and equipped for promoting the blog and connecting in as many areas as possible - please advise :)


Amelie Alden – Adventures of UK Model
Hi Emma,

so are you looking for a Wordpress Theme? Any theme should work with these widgets, I mean themes come as a design..where you can then add widgets onto, Myself and a lot of the guys on here can design such themes depending on what you want. Let me know what you require or drop me a PM and we can go from there

Thanks Glen


Staff member
Emma just to raise your awareness of it, that link in your post looks dreadful in my firefox 3.5 (20" widescreen), theres bits off to the side being lost and the javascript litebox has a horizontal scroll to name a few issues I spotted very quickly.

Also what's the reason for the link in the post?


Senior Member
thanks for the heads up on the mistakes guys - i am aware of these, and trying to resist sorting them and putting time into finding a new blog template instead, my small knowledge of creating them means this one is not suited to what i want at all, and although it can look pretty it doesnt support any sort of networking widgets at all :(

I'm not really in a position to be spending money on a template, but would be very grateful of any direction towards a good free one which is compatible with adding widgets such as:

* A stumble this button
* A digg button
* Some way of integrating with facebook e.g. an rss feed
* People posting comments
* Any other networking style things i can add - this is really a project to get as much visibiltiy on the net as i can, so any suggestions would also be great!