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Wordpress Portfolio site builder wanted!


Senior Member
Hi guys,
I have recently purchased my first domain name in an effort to get an online portfolio going (and teach myself wordpress at the same time). I have bought the name davewilldesign.com and found a basic free wordpress template that I like.

The problem is that I have no wordpress knowledge (and very little web knowledge at all) and the purchasing of the domain name has coincided with a number of massive projects happening in my day job. This has meant that I have ended up working late nights and weekends for the past month and Im starting to wonder if Ill ever get around to sorting out my site.

I want to know how much one of you wonderful web guys would charge to put my site together. I would supply the template, all of the images at whatever size that is needed and I will design the background and layout based on the psds that come with the template. I only want a simple site showing my work, plus a contact page, abit about my services and possibly the integration of my blog.

If anyone is interested please PM me with a price and we can hopefully get something online before my domain name expires next September!