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wordpress members section

Discussion in 'Website Coding & Programming Forum:' started by NUGFX, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. NUGFX

    NUGFX Member

    i need a bit of help here, i wanna make a website in wp with the ability when you signup to the website you have 2 options a free member or a preimum member. free members are limited to what you can do, were as preimum members can do all of the free stuff plus more. doing the signup form is easy im just wondering can the free members/premium members section be done with wp? as ive never tried this before. and if so how would you do it is they pugins for this or wud i have to code it all.
  2. spottypenguin

    spottypenguin Active Member

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  3. NUGFX

    NUGFX Member

    thats the 1 i found spotty and started using, but silly me locked myself out playing with the settings lol had 2 reinstall wp haha :D (note toself make 2 admins lol)

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