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Wordpress development for sports site, can woo commerce handle the tasks?

Discussion in 'Website Coding & Programming Forum:' started by Grant Smith, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. Grant Smith

    Grant Smith New Member


    So I am in the planning phase of a new wordpress site for a sports club. They have a list of requirements which I am looking into, i wondered if anyone here had any experience of similar features which they would like to share. Other then the standard pages, the club requires;

    1. New membership sign up process
    2. Training calendar
    3. New membership communication process
    4. Events sign up
    5. Shop to pay for various items (events, membership etc..)
    6. Custom event email lists

    I also have a couple of questions regarding the individual plug ins which I think could be an option for the above, these are woo commerce plug ins, however some of them seem to perform similar tasks, and hence may be over the top?:

    WooCommerce Subscription
    WooCommerce Subscriptions - WooThemes
    The site only requires one subscription, the membership renewal, is this plug in overkill? What is the alternative.

    WooCommerce Memberships
    WooCommerce Memberships - WooThemes
    Will this allow members with the right permissions to look up other members details? I essentially need a membership list to show members.

    Newsletter Subscription
    Newsletter Subscription - WooThemes
    I'm not sure I need this, wouldn't WooCommerce Memberships have a similar feature to automatically sign up member's to newsletters?

    Events calendar
    This looks like it will handle the events section of the site very well, any opinions on how good it is?

    As for the rest, I thought the training calendar section could be run by google, alternatively it could just be a recurring event of the events calendar? Plus, Facebook could handle membership communications maybe? Although I like the idea of having a single email address a member can just email and that is pushed to all signed up members. But this seems way more complicated to implement then previously imagined.

    I welcome other suggestions, thanks

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