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Wordpress Design and Logo Package

Hi Guys,

I know I have entered type of post somewhere else but i just wanted to create a new one as i have a different idea. I want to totally redeploy a new website with a whole new look. I have now setup a wordpress cms for my site and need it transforming. I am looking for someone to design me a wordpress theme and a new logo package, my current logos are all different but i now want a new logo that represents a variety of themes if you like.

I Own; UKValueComputing, UKValueGaming, UKValueComputing and UKValueHosting and want a separate logo design for each, all of which will look the same though, just something different on them that will represent what they are.

In return I will be giving the person a free hosting account provided by UKValueHosting (the gold account)

To apply please just drop me and email or PM me.

PS: The only reason I need this doing is because I dont have the time myself as I am studying my final 5 weeks at uni and i need something up and running asap. The current wordpress theme is here UK Value Computing thanks again hope to see some replies.


Senior Member
Uhm, I can get a way better package than you're offering for <£150/yr. For the job you've outlined I'd charge well over £1000...


Active Member
Hi Glen,

Whilst this is not outlined in the sticky thread to read before posting in the marketplace, I'm pretty sure you'll struggle to find someone to do all of the work you have mentioned in exchange for a service, no matter what the value. This section of the forum was intended to be used for paid work projects rather than exchanges of services or swap deals, I hope you can understand the reasons for this :)

Would you be interested in opening this upto quotes for the work?