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Wordpress and Safari Browser Issues

Hi All,
I am having a real problem right now with a site I recently completed:
Now when we were testing this it worked fine on all browsers, but since we have moved it to a live environment it has started playing up on Safari.
Sometimes it loads fine, other times it takes 5 minutes and sometimes it doesn't load at all. At first I thought it was a plugin issue, but I have activated and deactivated plugins until I am blue in the face and still the problem persists.
The only way to get the site working on Safari is to empty the cache and it works for a few hours and then it slows down again.
This happens on Safari for the mac, pc, ipad and iphone.
One very odd thing that did happen was that on the iphone if the site would not load on the WiFi connection you could then switch to a 3G connection and it would load fine.
I have never experienced this before and it is driving me crazy. It works totally fine in all other browsers.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Tony Hardy

Hi Johnstone,
I've just loaded it properly, first time on Safari on my iMac, but then on refresh. Nothing.
I can't really help out in this area but I'll put a few tweets and shout outs around to see if anyone at all can.


Tony Hardy

I've sent out a few RT's and things like that about this. I can't work it out myself either! :/
I thought it might have been a plugin issue, but I have investigated all avenues on that.
The other thing I thought it might have been was the amount of CSS and JS created by extra plugins, but I have tested that and then also setup a minify plugin to contain them all.
Sometimes if it doesn't load it just needs to be refreshed a few times and it kicks in.
I am moving more towards a server issue conflicting with Safari, but I have not idea how to test this.