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Wood / Paper effect Business Card



The font you've chosen doesn't really say graphic designer to me, it looks a little too much like papyrus for my liking.
I would imagine the actual card would look pretty cheap and nasty, business cards are small and compact you need to keep them minimal and get your skills across instantly. Also the font looks very generic.
I agree with everything said above. Don't feel beaten down though- work on it!

Just to echo one main point, that would be keeping it simple. If you really want to use the wood texture I would use it throughout the whole card and remove the paper. In any case, printing on a nice solid textured card would also be a good idea. The font like has already been said must be changed.

Let us know if you make improvements :)
I still think even with the alternative background the paper, fonts and layout just seem wrong & overcrowded. Why don't you have a double sided card?