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Wireless Speakers

I've been looking into getting some wireless speakers for my office and lounge. Basically I want to be able to have them in my office most of the time to boost my iMacs sound but also occasionally move them to my lounge to hook up to Apple TV for music/ movies.

Found a few but most are either really expensive (£300+) or cheap and very low wattage. The problem with the cheap ones is as they have a transmitter that connects to the Aux In port, it knocks out the internal speakers so the volume/ quality benefits aren't great.

Anyone know any decent options? Was thinking with AirPlay on the Mac/ ATV it may be worth waiting for some enabled speakers to be developed but not sure how quickly/ costly these will be.

Any suggestions?
I was looking into getting AirTunes. You can pick up the plug in thingy quite cheaply on eBay.
Anybody used 'em. I spotted one in Berry's office a while back.
Sonos looks good but damn pricey. I'm hoping that's what AirPlay will allow at less cost in the future, if anyone can be bothered to bring out some compatible speakers that is