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Wireless Question


Senior Member
I’ve had a look around the net but can’t seem to find a straight answer.

I’m looking to get an early G5 Mac Pro connected wirelessly to my Orange broadband.

The Mac is one of the first Intel based Macs. I was hoping it would just be a case of sticking in an Airport card but from what I’ve read it’s not that simple with the early Mac Pros.

Anyone got any experience with this?


Staff member
iirc its just a card plus a couple of wires connected to the motherboard, Tim the resident Apple geek may be able to confirm it :)

You have got an alternative though (and this is my approach with my pc's) is to get a wireless lan adapter such as the zyxel g570s and use it to bridge the connection to the router. You do need an extra plug but if you have more than one pc it works out cheaper and removes the need to set up every pc (you just do the adapter)


Senior Member
Cheers Levi, I'm hoping it will actually be that simple :)

I like your suggestion of a LAN adapter and being able to connect more than one machine too. I think I'll look into doing that.