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WIP: Portfolio 2.0?


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Hey guys,
I finished my web portfolio a few weeks ago, and I was really happy with how it turned out. Minimal, clean and sharp. Problem is, I'm one of those people who gets bored easily ... so I started building up 2.0, it started out just as an experiment, messing around with various jquery plugs I'd found on the net, I'm still relatively new to the coding side of things.
Anyway, just wanted some opinions on what you guys think of it so far and how it can be improved.


peace :)


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I like it a lot! I prefer it over your current site by far :)

The way you display those pictures really puts the focus on them. The picture fills up the entire right side of my browser window, but if I maximize my browser window (which I rarely do, but some people do) it doesn't fill it up entirely. That's quite a shame actually.

Furthermore, the transitions between content are very smooth, but perhaps the titles are spaced a bit tightly together. The line-height of your actual content (text), however, is too big.

Lastly, when you open the page you just see your name. Obviously, if people present me only one thing, it'd better do something interesting, so I clicked it. But keep in mind what Harry's English teacher once said: People are stupid and people are lazy ;)

Oh and I'd like to see your logo integrated... because after all, it's a nice logo :up:

EDIT: and for future reference, stuff like this should be posted in the Work/Project Feedback & Critique section. This is more of a discussion rather than a showcase section, but I'm sure one of the mods will move it for you :)


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Really do like the look and method of it.. but I agree with onartis, while many web savvy people will click the name to begin... As Steve Krug said ... "Don't make me think" .... this makes people think and may even be lost on some (it could be seen as a holding page or similar)


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Onartis -

Thanks for the extensive feedback, you raised some really good points, I'm reconsidering getting rid of the initial step where you click the logo to get the nav to pull out, I might just stick a lil arrow or something in there to push the lazy and stupid buggers along ...

I quite liked the squashed up titles, but they started to look unbalanced after you mentioned it. Think the new ones fit in better with the text in my logo.

Also what res and browser where you using when the maximise cocked things up? I've tried it on 1280x800 and 1440x1280 in 5 different browsers and it was fine.

Renniks -

Thanks for the feedback mate, like i said, I'm gonna have to stick an arrow in there somewhere without it becoming a "CLICK ME! CLICK ME!" sign ....

oritzio -

The photos arent mine no, they were the only fullsize images I had, just used them for the mock up, havent got round to chopping and cutting my own work up yet. Think I best put a lil disclaimer at the bottom for now saying their not mine.


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If I maximize it on my 1680x1050 monitor (which isn't an uncommon resolution), it looks like this: droplr.com/UhpbK — Picture 115.png

But, I rarely have my browser maximized. I do believe windows users tend to maximize their window more than mac users, so keep that in mind.
(amazing picture by the way /// edit: oh, I see it's not yours, amazing nonetheless... think you can hook me up with a link?)


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I like it but think it can be vastly improved.
I am one of those stupid people after it loaded I was like err...okay, it wasn't until I read onartis post that I was like O thats what I need to do.

Start it off with the navigation visible.

Secondly why is everything in such a little space?
Use the space a lot better and make the links clear links I was like okay whats text and what's clickable. I kind of gave up and carried on reading the thread before I realized there were links I could click, the exception is the navogation I'm not the much of a dumbass.

Thirdly why do the images load in another "page"?

You have all the space to the right load them there instead with a link to make them bigger.

I also think the initial page, now with the navigation, is just too simple. It shows me nothing at a glance of what you can do I then have to work to find the info I want to know, why should I? Why shouldn't go somewhere else where I have to work less?


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Jazajay said:
I also think the initial page, now with the navigation, is just too simple. It shows me nothing at a glance of what you can do I then have to work to find the info I want to know, why should I? Why shouldn't go somewhere else where I have to work less?
If you look at the work in the "Art" section, it opens up like it should. I didn't bother mentioning it as I figured he'd fix it when it would go live.


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Now that is much better, the image is way to big still but why not have a random image generator so when the page loads it loads one of his pieces of work on the first page load, with the navigation down the left.

Basically go to the art, click the first page then go through the navigation IMO looks so much better.

Put a caption on the picture explaining this is his work and i see with out any trouble what he can do. :)

Let me know if I didn't explain that way and i'll post a screen shot.