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Windows XP System Backup?


Senior Member
Need a bit of help, Im normally a Mac man but know my way round Windows XP fairly well from my parents using it and through my old school.

Anyway, I have a external 2TB hardrive that I want to be able to automate backups of the whole of the Windows XP computer to. I want it to be what I think is called a system backup where all of the sytem is backed up so IF a huge virus wipes out the computer and can just restore the most recent backup that I have and all of my files/programs etc will be there again!

Simple ey?!? haha. Any ideas on the best way to do this? Preferably for free...


Senior Member
I can't give you exact instructions without breaking out a history book. But as I recall, XP has an automated system restore option that should be in Start>Programs>Maintenance but this will only restore your OS files.

To autmoatically backup everything there are loads of programs on the net. Check your hard drive manufacturer as I know a number of them have free auto backup programs, for instance I use Segate. Otherwise just use Google or CNET to find what your looking for. :)


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Thanks, The external hard drive that I'll be using to store the backups on is a Seagate one. What software do you use?

It came with some "Easy Backup Software" but im not sure if it will backup everything so I can restore the whole system



Staff member
Get something like acronis true image (windows vista/7 has this built in) to back up an 'image' of the system (works best after a clean install) and then use a sync tool (windows xp has a powertool for this) to backup your 'doc's folder'. If you do have a hard drive fail you then just re "image" the hard drive using acronis and restore the backup folder with your work in it.

Edit: I have used acronis true image and found it to work well but it does cost money. Clonezilla is free and supposedly does the same thing, but I haven't used it


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Yep, FreeAgent GoFlex Desk Greg.

What is the software called that came with yours and how do you use it?

Do you just backup everything on your C drive and then if your computer were to fail, you'd reinstall XP and all your programs then just put the files back into place?