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Window Stickers


Senior Member
Who knows where they can be printed?

A recommendation if you have had them do?

Anyone want to put their hand up and say we do? (Sarah?)

Maybe some details about the process if you know anything?


Senior Member
I work for a screen printer that does window stickers. If you want to PM me a spec I can pass it on. Include contact details and I'll get the company to quote you.
Mmm i'm afraid we don't do window stickers at the moment. Although we might in the future because our new Indigo digital press can print on clingy plastic.

so...one day!


Senior Member
glenwheeler said:
What type of sticker size? Is it for a car or just like a normal flat piece of glass like a house window?
I am asking for a friend, if you know something good sir I can send you his email.