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Will my iWeb site be hood enough?


Staff member
Sorry the title of this thread should say good enough rather than hood enough but i only have internet access through taptalk on my iphone at the moment and it wont allow me to correct my mistake!

Despite having a degree in multimedia, I am truly awful at web design (well it's the coding that stumps me if I'm honest) but need a site as I've just set up my own company. I'd never dream of asking for a free site so while I save to pay for one ive happened across iWeb. It seems to offer an almost indesign/illustrator-esque wysiwyg design package which I quite like so have put together a site (albeit slightly restricted by iwebs capabilities). What I want to know is does iWeb mess about with the code in the same way DreamWeaver does and will I come unstuck at some point? Is it possible (or worth while) paying for SEO on such a site?


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I don't know about SEO but an iWeb site I made worked fine on most systems/browsers but ground to a halt on the most common combination, Windows + IE.