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Will I be able to create my own website with Just Host?

Right I've just gone with Just Host and am proceeding to build my website.

What I want to know is can I do it from scratch and they host or will I only be able to use generic templates?!

I am trying to find the answer myself but thought I'd ask on here.

So far I've only found templates and the CP is totally new to me so I am trying to pick it up.

My main worry is that I have to stick with a template :down:


I would wholeheartedly recommend using Wordpress and getting a Template and butchering it for your own use to begin with :)
Tony said:
Yes I'd found that out... Now the fun of coding begins :confused:

Any takers? (seriously)
You could try the Job Tenders section? :) I know Andy (tbcwf) has done some Web Development for DF members before, so he (or someone else) might want to take it on if your budget is decent. :)


Active Member
Hi Tony,

As mentioned you may be better outsourcing your coding if you don't have the time/interest in learning it yourself long-term. As mentioned, Andy (tbwcf) has done work for DF members, and there's a number of other coders/developers who complete freelance work on the forums, such as Harry, Darren, Geoff, & many more I'm sure.

Getting a custom Wordpress theme coded would be a good route if you're looking to have some form of content management, as WP can power basic content sites as well as the added advantage of having a news/blog built-in.

Let us know how you get on, whichever route you choose to take :)