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Wibiya Toolbar

I'm looking for opinions on Wibiya toolbar.

It's a brilliant tool to have all social media in one place but it's a pain in the ass and interferes with text areas.

Can people live with it or does it have to go on student-designers.com.

I've had comments both ways. Some saying it's amazing and some saying it's total rubbish.




Wee Jimmy

Senior Member
To be honest I'd keep your sexy stylized buttons at the top of the page and get shot of Wibiya. It just doesn't mesh well with the rest of the site.

On a side note, I chuckled at the "Long underwear". Good design brief, very clever ;) I actually want to make a logo for these fine long mens briefs now just for the craic!
Hi Jimmy,

It's actually a real competition! I didn't realise it was there. It has just gone up. Crikey our first ever life competition and you saw it before we did.

Haha. Need some email action in there :)

Wee Jimmy

Senior Member
You're kidding? It actually sounds like a mock brief rofl!

I mean... come on Long Underwear. A well written brief (after a fashion) with the only other one being a "Bad brief example" lol.


Senior Member
I saw it too, and aswell thought it was a made up competition...

Ahh, I get it now, they are after designs for on the actual long johns :) not a logo or anything :D
yep :)

Just spotted another room for improvement with SD. Need to put a way so the competition owner knows when comments are asked.

hmmm -> trying to keep as many parts of the website non-propriety

Wee Jimmy

Senior Member
The white is an improvement on the semi-transparent gloss. But it still doesn't blend well. You have a design that's straight lines except for buttons that need to stand out (and the rounded feedback button stands out and works at the same time :)) then there's Wibiya at the bottom with rounded everything and a far too heavy drop shadow
Renniks said:
Also, is there a place for the clients to upload any files they want?
That's in 0.3 release alongside payment

At the moment it's super basic.

Upload is super important obviously but I wanted to spend a bit of time with the file management backend to make sure it was right.

Using flickr for the student side of things.


Senior Member
I hate toolbars. Whenever I see them I click them away. And it's quite a nuisance having to click them away everytime. Don't use it, you've got a footer for **** like that.


Active Member
I personally think that the social media tool bars are great for ecommerce websites, fantastic way of engaging the EU and their friends and driving targeted and interested traffic to a product/service