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why does my website look so ugly?


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Here a mock up of a page I am designing/developing http://www.gadgetgee...a/produtos.html it's an e-ccomerce I am happy with the menu, background image and lower menu but when I look at the column with the price image and description I just can't like it.. Not sure what's wrong with it, it just doesn't look right to me... any suggestion please?

Many thanks,

there is simply no format to the site, for example the bottom part with the pictures and prices looks very random because there is nothing there to say why it's there


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Thank you so very much for taking the time to review my website. I agree with what you said and taking in consideration what you said I've created two other layouts:

1-Taking Malyo's advise and Sogo7 I croped the image into a header and created a blue gradient on

http://www.gadgetgee.../produtos2.html (btw does anyone know why the footer is not on a new line, I've checked the code but no luck)

2- A second layout I made is:


So guys, what do you think? which one do you prefer? any extra suggestions?

I like produtos2.html but it feels safe and uninspiring, produtos3.html is very different so I am not sure if people will love it or hate it (btw if you open it with Firefox you won't see a header right bellow the language menu, not sure why Chrome and Internet Explorer have no problems displaying it but Firefox won't.. any ideas?)

3- Has anyone seen the index.html (http://www.gadgetgee...lpha/index.html) page? Do you think it also looks to busy and needs to be changed?

Many thanks all for the help :D please do let me know which of the layouts do you prefer?
The 2nd one is one tiny step closer to getting better. The fonts don't seem professional, and the photos of the images are not the most aesthetically pleasing.


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Could you suggest me any professional fonts? I am using simply web safe Tahoma, sans seriff all over the site and Agency FB (using cuffon) on the menu and item title. To be sincere to you I don't understand what makes a font professional or non-professional and there is not many web safe options when it comes to font. I'd really appreciate any advise on this area as I am totally lost.

When you say the images are not visually pleasing, do you mean the images on the lower gallery or the product image? I've noticed most website that sell items tend to show boring images of the items in their package so I've decided to make a gallery showing the items in their serving plates, do you not like the concept?

Thanks for your help.