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Why do printers' websites always look so bad? - For the printers on DF


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This isn't meant towards anyone in particular, I'm just ranting.

Any time you go searching for some printers' websites, they always look fairly bad. Usually, they cram every single thing they offer into the site - sometimes everything on the main page. My eyes don't know where to look!

There's a few printers on DesignForums, I believe who offer fantastic prices for everything they're capable of printing, but when I visit your websites, it does actually put me off from purchasing from you. You may only be responsible for printing the stuff that a designer may give you, but it pays so much to have a well designed website as well.


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I think its kinda cause theyre in house or something.. cause they can design fine, but they design for print not web - I think it's completely different really, loads of bright stuff or info all placed in diff sections on a poster looks good, on a website it looks kinda bad.
I think our sites are above the average printers sites, but feel free to correct me if im wrong......

PrintedEasy.com | Matt Laminated Business Card Printing, Printed Magnets and more - Our online store

Welcome to Falkland Press - Our more corporate site

Emma we have a bright site but i think it works, who wants a dull boring website!

Main thing most people have loads of text and content spammed all over there site is for SEO though, we dont have too much but then we are struggling a bit at the moment to jump past the sites with loads of junk all over the page, i think its quite hard to find a happy medium between making a site pleasent and easy to use and keeping google happy so people can find your site in the first place.


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good to see you back on the forums alex, youve missed quite a few jobs lately where people have been looking for good print. looks like u have some competition on the forums these days!
How to roll a joint


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I started a print web design job for a print company a year or two ago, based on developing their existing identity/colours and appealing to designers, unfortunately they pulled out before it really got going and decided to stick with what they already had.

This was as far as it got (name/logo removed for obvious reasons)...

Had plans to build on it with a pantone style swatch book, a scalpel, etc. probably a bit of an obvious idea, but thought it could have been quite effective with some development.
there are so many options when it comes to print, coated, uncoated, gloss laminated, matt laminated, shaped, creased, folded... you get the message!

don't know about other printers but we always try to put every option in front of the customer (in-store) and its quite easy when you've got all your samples laid out on the desk... online is a different story though!

our website is still under construction and we've been to and from the drawing board so many times... i'm adament on coming up with something totally unique! i think its putting all the options across at once that makes printing websites look like excel sheets!