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Who pays?


Senior Member
I just want to know... if you're sending artwork to a printer on behalf of a client, who pays for the printing? Can you send the artwork, but the invoice goes to the client? I don't want to pay upfront for the printing as this is my first proper paying design job and can't afford the cost.

I'm sure I saw a thread regarding this a while ago but can't find it. So, if anyone has any advice or can find that thread please let me know!!

Ditto, I pay the printing cost. Unless it's a large job, then I'll ask for 50% (or some %) up-front to help cover the printing cost before the final invoice.

Tom Sound

Active Member
Ally, it's difficult when you've got no initial cash to cover it but what you should aim to do is negotiate a good trade rate with a regular print provider and then look to make a markup on what you then invoice to your client. Which if you get a good discount from your printer will still seem reasonable to your happy client. You're taking the risk at the end of the day by paying for the print upfront, or after 30 days if and when they give you a credit account. A good reason too for getting signed off proofs before you go to print too so that if your client signs off a proof with an error they are liable for the costs involved so far. The 35% or whatever you mark your costs up by is there for when you miss details and have to get a reprint, which happens to us all at some point.

I'd agree for bigger jobs to get 50% up front too, tell them this is what the printer has asked for too.


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I've done both, but the jobs where I have paid upfront have been for people I trust and I have sent the artwork to the printers and then put them in contact with the client.


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I got a client to pay for the printing before they even had it printed. I gave them the price, included a small markup and they paid it in full straight away.
yep same here. I get the quote from my printers first, add my percentage, add it into the initial quote and have them pay upfront. If you have a good enough cash flow or your printers offer a 30 day payment term then you can invoice upon job completion.