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Who Brands The Big Guns?


Tony Hardy

I'm always intrigued to know who's behind branding/developing the brands of the World's biggest companies. I'm talking about Coca Cola, Pepsi etc etc. It can't always be done in house surely.
As anyone who knows me will know, I'm a massive professional wrestling fan. The WWE (formerly WWF) use an insane amount of graphic images, motion graphics, printed graphics etc etc. Where do they get them?
So I've decided to start a list on here that I can keep coming back to and adding more information as and when I come across it. Anybody else is more than welcome to post, and I'll add it into the main list in the top post.
General Electric (GE)
Wolf Ollins have been responsible for bringing the GE brand to the masses since the early 1980s. You can view a selection of their work with GE here.
DC Entertainment
Landor Associates are behind the recent DC Entertainment (those guys that draw Batman) rebrand. You can also make your own mind up about the DC Comics Logo vs Discovery History Logo debate too. (Sorry, shameless self plug)
TBWA Worldwide recently worked with McDonalds on their "unbranded ad campaign."

There are obviously bigger brands and designs than those that I've mentioned so far, but this is a growing list that we can all add to and revisit in our own time.