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While working on a logo for a client, he sent me logo designs from another designer

Please forgive me if this is a general situation which has been posted before but I’m at a loss as to how to handle this.

I have a client that requested that I design a logo for him. After explaining his ideas to me he requested that I do ten sketches for him. Usually I give a client several digital logos for him/her to consider but I accepted his request because I usually make sketches anyway and I didn’t care how we got to the end result. I told him that I requested half payment to begin work and told him when he is satisfied with my work I will collect the remaining balance.

While I was working on sketches he sent me ten logo designs from another graphic designer. I figured, it’s American and he has freedom of choice. I don’t care what he does as long as he pays me. I finished my designs and sent them to him. Now he has revisions that he wants made.

No problem, but I’m not sure I want to do any more work if he has another designer out there doing the same work. I’ve never done any work for him before and I want to get paid for my work. Who is to say he picks the competing designers work and does not pay me the final balance.

Any ideas as to how I should handle this? Should I ask him who he wants to do the logo for him before I do any more work? Thanks in advance for your valued advise.
I wouldn't worry too much in terms of your client, as long as he is paying you for the job.

It's usually a good sign once they make a deposit down but doesn't guarantee it completely. I'd wait and see what happens.

You could mention if he is pleased with the work you have done so far and/or if he is also using another designer.

Just be honest and if he/she is understanding, then i'm sure it can be clarified in a simple email from their end.
This type of competing for a job drives me crazy. But as Alex says, as long as he is paying you. Some designers outline some conditions. For example, I tell my clients they get 3 concepts, 3 revisions for their chosen concept, and any further revisions are chargeable. I do this only because, from experience the revisions can go on and on and on and finally nobody knows what it is they want or are expecting anymore. But it's personal preference what your terms are.
But I agree with a simple email, asking the client if they are happy for YOU to proceed or the other designer. Hope it gets sorted for you :)
He actually sent me the work form the other designer before I had a chance to submit anything to him. It might be the case he wasn't happy with the other designer.

It might be because he has some weird expectations for the logo. I tried to educate him about the simplicity of a logo and how you want the brand to be rememberable and recognizable. He wants a stand alone image sans the name of his company. Ok, not so weird. I wouldn't recommend it since he's not Nike or McDonalds but whatever. But he does want a pretty elaborate image depicting multiple items. I showed him other logo designs that other companies have in his industry and he still wants what he wants.
Yeah that can be tricky.

The client sometimes will have a specific idea in mind and really want that to be realized, sometimes ignoring the professional suggestions that are being given to them.